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Let's Be Good Neighbors!


Burning of yard waste/leaves are allowed (but not garbage). Use caution and be considerate of your neighbors when you burn. If you burn in your culvert and/or ditch please clean out the ash and any remaining debris, not doing so impedes the flow of water and creates drainage problem.



The Village also asks that you do not mow grass clippings/leaves onto any Village streets, doing so impedes the flow of water and creates drainage problems.


Reminder that when it snows to please remove vehicles off the street for the snow plow.

Building Permits
Please be advised that you MUST have a building permit for building projects including the following: pools, decks, fences, sidewalks, remodeling, garden shed, siding, facia, soffit, roofs, water heaters, etc.

Please  do not being any building projects without first consulting with the Village office. The Village reserves the right to hold you responsible for any changes needed to meet codes.


We ask that you call (815-304-4206) a couple days a head to make an appointment with our Clerk.

Village Hall Hours

Limestone's Village Clerk/Deputy Clerk is located at the Village Hall , 5404 W State Rte 17. Hours are 10:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Thursday. The Village Hall telephone number is (815) 304-4206


We are always looking for more committee members. If you are interested please email us at

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